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Today's world is such that, after passing the open military confrontation and the Cold War, the international co-existence enters a new era: the era of information warfare.

Here, on the site, you, dear visitors, will get to know about the problems of information confrontation between states, the international cyber-terrorism and ways to combat it, and also the issues of current importance on the situation in the Caucasus with the regard of the availability of modern threats and challenges in the political, economic, military and information field - all these things, you, dear visitors, will find here on the site.

Also, on it, there are my articles, analytics, speeches and their publications in various international conferences and forums, both in Russian and English languages. I would appreciate all the constructive comments.

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The key of the U.S. decision on war with Iran is in Israel – expert

BAKU, January 16 - Novosti-Azerbaijan, Roman Temnikov. The key of making decision by the U.S.
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