"North Caucasus"
On the situation around the Iranian nuclear program
Compels our attention unclassified CIA report on the development and acquisition by certain states of dual-use technologies in 2009, presented to the U.S.
The Caucasus region: yesterday, today and tomorrow
The analysis of the developments of regional, international and political-military situation in the North Caucasus and Transcaucasus showed that, as in 2009, the situation in the coming year will directly depend on the actions of the leading Western countries on the exclusion of Russia from the projects of mining and transportation of hydrocarbons in zone of the Caspian Sea.
On reconciliation in Afghanistan
On January 28, London hosted an international conference on Afghanistan, which was convened at the initiative of British Prime Minister Harold Brown. The conference was attended by foreign ministers of the leading nations of the world and the countries of respective regions, representatives of international organizations.
Ankara - Yerevan: a new era of relations
Turkey and Armenia signed a treaty, which allows to restore diplomatic relations between the two countries torn by Turkey in 1993. This caused a big resonance in the information world.
The West on the EU Commission's report on "the five-day war in the Caucasus"
Virtually all major U.S.
Turkey rushes to the Caspian Sea
The Caspian region is seen by Turkey as an important component link in the implementation of foreign policy strategy in the Transcaucasus and Central Asian directions, which aims to secure that, under the auspices of the "ethnically motivated integration processes", should be ensured the interests of its oil and gas companies in the energy space of the Caspian Sea through the development of relations in the first place with Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. The program - a maximum of all these efforts - is to close on itself the most lines of supply of hydrocarbons to world markets.
Terrorism - without faith and nationality
In late October in Cyprus was held the fifth international conference «Terrorism and Electronic Media». The conference was attended by leaders and journalists of Russian and foreign broadcasting companies, diplomatic and special services, representatives of the Council of Europe and OSCE, experts from 22 countries of the world.
The Information Arms Race
The Bulgarian city of Nessebar hosted an international conference "Russia-Bulgaria: information cooperation and information security". The conference was attended by the heads of leading non-profit organizations in Russia and Bulgaria, working in the field of information technology, information security and mass communications.
GUAM is living out its days
In the Azerbaijani press was started a discussion about the present and the future of GUAM, in which took part the country’s eminent experts and political analysts.
The international Ossetian construction team is rehabilitating the capital of South Ossetia
Attention is drawn to the fact that in early September the international Ossetian construction team, consisting of Ossetians living in Europe, went to South Ossetia to participate in the rehabilitation of Tskhinval, destroyed by the Georgian forces in August 2008. Young people from Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Ukraine were working until September 26 in the Jewish quarter - one of the most important historical and cultural places of the South Ossetian capital.
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