"North Caucasus"
Turkish neo-osmanism policy in the Balkans
Numerous conferences of Muslim communities of Bulgaria, held in recent years, in fact, proclaimed illegally Mustafa Alish Haji as Bulgaria's Grand Mufti. This man, declared by the part of the Bulgarian Muslims as the spiritual leader, is under investigation in connection with the fact that the election of him as the chief Mufti of the country was the result of gross fraud.
Caucasian Geopolitical Region: the Past, the Present, and the Future
The analysis of the situation in the Caucasus and in Transcaucasia shows that the outlook for the geopolitical entirety is going to be shaped by the key Western countries' efforts aimed at debarring Russia from the Caspian oil and gas projects.
Information confrontation in the modern world
Beginnings of nuclear weapons in the second half of XX century caused the inability to resolve differences between states by traditional military means, has led the search for new approaches to their solution.
Georgia, West and Russia in information war
As the military confrontation in the Caucasus stopped after the tragedy in South Ossetia in early August, the information war between the opposing sides has only stirred up. The West is still trapped in stereotypes about Russia`s policy in Georgia: the world sees Russia as Georgia`s enemy and aggressor, trying to violate sovereignty and territorial integrity of the neighboring state.
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